Sunday, April 30, 2006

Google Adsense -Earn Money

AdSense is Google's syndication program for its AdWords advertisements so first up, you need to understand AdWords to make sense of AdSense.
First here's a link to an online presentation by Google about AdSense - the system that lets website owners make money automatically.

How you make money with AdSense
The process is simple. You sign up for AdSense and if your site is accepted, (we'll cover this process later in the course) Google gives you some code to paste into your web pages. It's JavaScript stuff that you can simply add into the HTML of your page.

When someone views your page this JavaScript fetches ads from Google. If they then CLICK on your ad, Google charges the advertiser a click thru fee and shares it with you.
This is entirely AUTOMATIC so if you have a content rich site with lots of traffic that is not currently making you any money, AdSense is something you should seriously consider.

AdSense is Google's syndication program for its AdWords advertisements so first up, you need to understand AdWords to make sense of AdSense.

So where does AdSense come in this?

Well, Google has taken their excellent AdWords program and extended it to non-Google web sites and branded it AdSense.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Earn CASH for surfing /browsing. Rs 30/- per hour.

Sign up today and start getting paid to surf using our Surf Junky browser. You can get up to $.75 per hour with regular activity and you will earn for 3 levels of referrals! Your statistics are updated in real time and you get paid every month!
Remark: Really works.Open their site and login in one window. You do surfing as normal. They pay upto $0.75 /Hour. You cam recommend your friends & relatives and earn 5% & 1% of their earnings. Once you earned $25,it can be trasfered to your Paypal account, storm pay account or by DD or cheque.
When I go online, first I will login to their site and browse as usual. I spend 2 hours per day online. Some of my friends are also signed up. I got $68 last month.
Join Now. It if Free.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Free internet offers Vs Google Money

You might have seen so many e-mails offering Free i-pods, free Playstations etc. But is this really work? It is possible only if you and your referrals completes all the offeres. But there is no chance all yuor referrals will opt all offeres. But Google adsense works totally on different principle. It is a paid for click. program. When a user clicks on any ad that is placed by Google in your web site, you get money. It is so simple.
But if u want to earn big money online and start clicking the ads your self , Google will terminate your account.
Earning online is a genuine concept. You can work from home, work part time and earn good amount.

Earning from internet

So many options are there to earn online. Paid to surf, referral programs, online shopping, paid survey, promotional e-mails, advertisement posting, multilevel marketing etc.

Welcome to Google Money

Here I wish to share my experience about Google adsense. So many years I wasted not learning about Google adsense. Google adsense is a simple and greate way to earn money through your web site or blog. I had a misunderstanding that Google Adsense is only for bif web site having huge hits. By experience I found that it will work with even small blogs.